WordPress 6.1.1 maintenance version!

WordPress 6.1 maintenance version, 6.1.1 is released! Read about WordPress 6.1 here: WordPress 6.1 “Misha” was released

This minor release features 29 bug fixes in Core and 21 bug fixes for the block editor. WordPress 6.1.1 is a short-cycle maintenance release.

If you have sites that support automatic background updates, the update process will begin automatically.


The following core bugs were fixed:

  • Canonical: Setting a NOT EXISTS tax query in pre_get_posts action triggers a fatal error in wp-includes/canonical.php
  • Editor: Massive (potential) performance issues within get_default_block_editor_settings
  • Editor: Padding within table cells ignored
  • Editor: Creating taxonomy templates for specific terms are wrongly displayed as not found
  • Editor: Separator colors defined using background within theme.json for style variations are ignored
  • Editor: Avoid running unnecessary expensive logic around theme.json parsing for classic themes
  • Editor: Unable to add blocks on WP 6.1 – “+” button in editor shows up only in certain condition
  • Editor: Improve performance of the WP_Theme_JSON class
  • Editor: Merge bugfixes from Gutenberg into Core for WP 6.1.1
  • Editor: Fluid typography fixes for 6.1.1
  • Formatting: Check that the Normalizer class exists in remove_accents()
  • General: Update to get_page_by_title in 6.1 changes WHERE clause
  • I18N: Fatal error when loading translations early due to a DB error with WPLANG set
  • I18N: Always pass $locale to load_textdomain() if we know the locale
  • Media: Featured Image bug in 6.0.3
  • Media: decoding="async" breaks my site
  • Menus: WP 6.1-RC6: menu-item-has-children class is not being applied correctly
  • Post, Post Types: WP 6.1 – get_page_by_title(null) returns a page
  • Query: WP_Query::the_post causes a type warning when querying for ids, not full post objects
  • Query: WP_Query caching discards posts_fields and posts_clauses['fields'] filters.
  • Text Changes: Replace instances of “Full site editing” with “Site editor”
  • Themes: register_block_core_template_part does WP_Query even on themes that do not support it
  • Themes: WP_Theme_JSON_Resolver::get_user_data_from_wp_global_styles call to WP_Query incorrect.
  • Themes: Twenty Twenty-Three: visited state of button links use the incorrect text color
  • Themes: Reduce usage of wp_get_theme
  • Upgrade/Install: Updating plugins with WP6.1 creates .maintenance file and leaves it
  • Upgrade/Install: An unupdated Version of Gutenberg Fatally breaks the site on WordPress 6.1 Autoupdate
  • Users: cache_users() not defined when calling get_user without field parameter or using all_with_meta or all

The following block editor issues were fixed:

  • Post Featured Image: Fix height/scale overwriting border inline styles
  • Fluid typography: add font size constraints
  • Allow direct selection of nested Page List block by avoiding dual rendering within block
  • Fix popover deprecations
  • Components: Refactor ColorPalette tests to @testing-library/react
  • Convert the ColorPalette component to TypeScript
  • List v2: fix migration when nested list is invalid
  • Link to homeUrl from site editor view menu.
  • Table Block: Apply borders and padding on both front end and editor
  • Change the order of the pseudo-states in the pseudo selectors array
  • Do not look for block variants, if not supporting block-templates
  • Restore the empty paragraph inserter
  • Cover: Avoid content loss when the templateLock value is all or contentOnly
  • List: disable nested list drop zone so dropping list items works
  • Switch background color to text color on block separator
  • [WP6.1.1] AutoComplete: Revert to event.keyCode to fix IME composition issue
  • [WP6.1.1] FormTokenField: Revert to event.keyCode to fix IME composition issue
  • Fluid typography: adjust font size min and max rules

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